Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Just a little something random from my day....We all appreciate the wonder of the world in different ways. My amazement is provided from the senses the world provides, namely light. I woke this morning to the sight of my beautiful wife, Allison. I find her in beautiful fashion all the time but this light was specific. Early morning light that was warm, bronzed, and delicate. Slightly mottled as it filtered through the trees and crept between the blinds. It cast a soft, rim light across the outline of her neck, against her cheekbone, and defining her jaw. With a slight gust of the wind its a moment fleeting. Its moments like that, bring me such amazement and joy. I'm in awe of all the wonder God places in the world.

Moments like that are the reason I love photography and want to take pictures. I struggle sometimes as an artist. I yearn to capture the way the light dances and falls. I get too wrapped up with all the technical jargon that I forget to slow down and see what Gods giving me.

- ahn

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Anonymous said...

well man... i love this.
you're a great man. just keep doin what you're doin...

we really enjoyed meeting you and allison. i'm just always glad to meet another true romantic.

can't wait to work with you guys again!

josh and stace