Saturday, May 19, 2007

Kristen and Ryan ROCK!!!!! This shoot is definetly at the top of my list for all time most fun, most fufilling, most ROCKIN shoots. We had planned to go to this little laundry-mat, but when it was full so we decided to swing by this little building I have been wanting to shoot at ever since they started building it. It was the best location to shoot at. Kristen and Ryan were working it and everything was just falling into place.

There are times when I just love photography and I am reassured that this is something I want to do every chance I get. A few days after our shoot Ryan and Kristen stopped by and Ryan told us...."I didn't think it would be, but once I got into it I had alot of fun". He told us how he really did have a blast. This makes me so happy, because I was just doing what I love, shooting, being goofy, and hanging out with friends.

Thanks so much guys! Kristen, get that dress ready.... cause its getting trashed soon!



mark said...

Great pictures, looks like a very fun couple! They must be thrilled with these!

Anonymous said...

Incredible shots! You're so creative.... I bet you are lots of fun to work with!