Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Alexis and Aaron braved the rainy weather for their engagement session a few weeks ago. It actually never really rained more like a light mist the entire time, but they were troopers and we had a blast.

I am really looking forward to their July 4th wedding. The reception is going to be at PanAsia, which has a very eclectic modern Asian decor and killer food. The whole event is being brought together by Shanna @ A Southern Affair. Having Shanna at the helm is sure to make the event memorable and our lives a lot easier. It's always nice to work on weddings with a dedicated coordinator. Not only do they bring a lot of expertise, but act as a go to problem solver the day of. To top it all off this will be a Jewish wedding which I am super excited about. I am very much looking forward to all the unique traditions of the Jewish ceremony...and oh the Horah!!!

Blog, I have missed you.

In my defense it really doesn't seem like I have not blogged in 3 months. I thought after December we would have a few weeks of "chill" time before things got busy again. WRONG! This year had no start because last year had no end.

If I needed more excuses I could use the fact that Allison was in the hospital for almost a week. That really threw our already crazy schedule for a loop. She is better now. I got a little time to relax. As much as you can relax whilst sleeping on one of those fold out hospital room "beds". I use the quotes very heavily, being that it resembled a medieval torture device more than a bed. I should not complain though, it was Allison who was actually in the hospital. Thanks to everyone who gave their support and prayers.

So, things are getting back to normal. It's about to be the really busy season. I plan to blog more. It was actually a new years resolution. Luckily I go by a fiscal year that doesn't start till the end of the first quarter. So technically I am a day early.