Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The AMAZING Stacie and Josh! Oh my gosh this shoot was all over the place. These guys are crazy and quirky and creative and hawte! We really enjoyed working with yall and hope to do it again soon!

PS. Josh we are keeping a position open for creative director on our staff just for you! Seriously any time you wanna tag along for a shoot you are more than welcome. Your suggestions and input were great!

Oh and btw, Stacie and Josh - We are keeping our normal slide show reserved till we can meet up. You deserve to see these images in all thier glory. Expect a call in a day or two.


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josh maze said...

whoa man... great stuff! i can't wait for stacie to get back and see these! and I would love to come on a shoot or two with you and see if i can help at all! these look great. i would love to see more! keep it up! later!