Friday, May 4, 2007

Introducing the cute and spunky Kristen! Oh and I think her boyfriend Ryan might be in a few shots. Kristen was gracious enough to model for us and since she brought along her boyfriend Ryan we had to throw em in a few shots together. Its funny I planned to do this shot with our new chair and Chinese rice paper lamp but the shots of Kristen and Ryan together ended up being my favorite. Once again it just proves no matter how much you plan a shoot, it’s organic. It’s going to evolve into what it is and it’s usually great.

Thanks again Kristen and Ryan. I’m really looking forward to our next shoot!

I just had to post this one Chris (ANCCI) shot. Its just a great emotion driven image.


Frank DiMeo said...

Adam, love it! Great idea with the lamp!
Looking forward to meeting you at Elevate 2.

Anonymous said...

Wow that last shot of kristen and ryan is awesome. The rest of them are okay i guess.

Adam Hudson said...

haha. Chris I know that's you. And fyi I like your shot too.