Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Well here goes.... This is my attempt at a blog. A window into my life. More specifically a window into my photographic life. I decided to back log and start posting from the beginning of 2006 but in reality this whole "photo" thing started much farther back than that. But for the sake of abbreviating what would undoubtedly be too much for me to do I decided to start one year back.

I should have been doing this years ago but since I didn't, I'm gonna work backwards for awhile. I am going to attempt to recreate reality for a year. I will do this randomly and also from photos that I deem interesting. You can also expect some background on me, since this is my blog. The whole created history seems trite to me too but I guess that's why I am gonna do it. More on going against my instincts latter.

so thanks for stopping by, oh what did I get myself into.


Sunday, January 28, 2007

Randomly I like to play around and take odd shots. This is one of those. I have always been fascinated with splash shots and the formations the water makes. These were very simple. One speedlight into my small 16" softbox and a reflector opposite side.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Today I had the pleasure to shoot Mrs Vicki Weaver and Mrs Brenda Washington. These two great ladies are part of a non profit christian ministry. Books, door to door, speaking conferences they do it all.

They needed some general material for various marketing for thier ministry. They wanted to try alot of different styles so they have alot of different material for the next several months.

It was a long shoot at just about 5 hours but we had a blast. They were a pleasure to work with. At one point Mrs Brenda came out after we finished with one set and was posing up a storm. I asked her what she had been doing, "posing in the mirror", Whatever it was it worked for her.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

This is my beautiful wife. I just got my new Westcott Apollo 16" Softbox and decided to snap a few to test it out. I really like it, although its small. Really just for headshot and maybe some small product shots. Compared to a larger softbox or umbrella you cant move it that far from the subject but for what it is its nice.

My biggest complaint with it is that you cant really fit the flash in it when its on an umbrella adapter. Its just too tall. I just kinda hung it outta the zipper on the bottom. Ill post some pictures of this next time I get it out.

(both) D200
85mm 1.8
250th sec
sb800 camera left 16" apollo sb600 camera right 42" umbrella
Post processing: Actually very minimal most in raw. A little dodge and burn in Photoshop and removed catchlight from umbrella
yeah i get this look alot.