Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Trash the Dress gets a little media coverage and we get a little too!

Trash the Dress really has been an amazing gift to the photographic community and brides alike. While he never takes credit for the idea of TTD, Mark Eric is the driving force that has propelled it into the spotlight. He has given so many photographers an awesome platform to really offer some amazing creative photography. I have helped Mark a little with the website, but really can't thank him enough for the buzz that he generates within the industry. He also has some incredible photographic skills (ninja style) so be sure to check out some of his genius (here).

So the article really does TTD justice.They got my name wrong a few times, but we are already receiving some blog love from it so no worries. We got a small photo on the cover and another within the article. Unfortunately, none of our photos made it into the online gallery. But hey, we got a picture bigger than Britney and Brett Farve, so I'm happy :)!

Full Article Here

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