Saturday, October 13, 2007

I shot my wife! Allison and I have been wanting to do a TTD session with the rockstar photographer and king of TTD, Mark Eric. The stars have not yet aligned our schedules, so still we wait. It wasn't until we heard a radio announcement for the fair that we realized just how this year has flown by. So the fair is here, Allison still has a pristine white dress and an uncontrollable TTD "itch", the outcome is obvious!

I shot my wife at the State Fair! I really am such a lucky man. I have a smoking hottie for a wife that isn't afraid to get all dolled up and tramp through the fair with thousands of onlookers. She did amazing, played the part of model without a hitch, and looked darn good the entire time.

A few shout outs before we get started....a big thanks goes out to Chris, I really could not have pulled it off without your help bro. Thanks to Debbie my mother-in-law, Mr Brinkely and his assistant, Tallie for Allisons great "do", and Jamie for the wonderful makeup. I want to give an extra special HUGE thank you to my wonderful wife Allison, you did wonderfully, thank you for putting up with me and always being by my side on this crazy journey. I love you baby!



Allison said...

Thank you for being so helpful and understanding of the fact that I am in no way a model and needed your guidance on what to do! :) You made it lots fun and suprisingly, I actually enjoyed it Very much! Im proud of you! Love, alli

Rachel Jordan said...

Wow Adam...Congrats! You do have an amazing wife and an amazing eye for photography! My props go out to Allison on this one for being so brave to be seen in public in a wedding dress...I know I wouldn't have the guts...

mark eric said...

Whoa- smoking hot!
Allsion- you're beautiful! Merrik misses you.

I'll be in Natchez Sunday to shoot an engagement at the Balloon Race, you guys should come down if you have time. I can't compete with these, but I think you need more pics together- without a wedding dress this time ;)