Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Last week we got a chance to meet Christian. She was referred to us by the amazing Josh Maze as a candidate for some promotional work for us. I love being able to shoot without the constraints of a wedding, and just shoot for me. This sessions was just a little "get to know you" session with Christian, so we could see how we work together before doing our official shoot. It wasn't a quarter of the way through our 45 minute shoot that I realized she is gonna be so great to work with.

Christian has a background in classical ballet which I am hoping we can explore during our next shoot.

Thanks, Christian we really enjoyed meeting you and are really looking forward to our next shoot! Also thanks to my boy Josh!

adam + allison

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maze said...

well well well...
someone should be your new TALENT SCOUT!?

call me... i have a few good ideas.