Monday, June 18, 2007

OneLight Workshop -
First of let me just say Zack Arias is the freakin MAN! I got the pleasure of being partnered with Zack during the "shoot out" at Elevate. Seeing him work was a great experience, he takes vision to reality with a seamless motion. Zack, is a very open and passionate person. Working with him and hearing him speak really made me wanna just get up and shoot.

Susan Stripling - it must be tiring to rock so hard.

Tom Flint - watch out for this guy, hes gonna take the industry by storm!
Some how we talked Tom into the sauna for a few shots. Of course I made Tom wear his signature Converse shoes. If hes gonna wear em to a wedding, I'm gonna make him wear them in the sauna.

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Dave said...

Great looking stuff man!

It was great to meet you!