Saturday, June 2, 2007

For everyone that doesn't know I am on "vacation" for the next two weeks.

What does a photographer do on vacation? You ask.

Go to a workshop of course! I will be attending Garrett and Joy Nudd's Elevate2 workshop in Orlando. I feel strongly, when you offer a creative skill based service; you must continually grow and expand your craft. This is a time for me to expand and grow, both business wise and creatively. Plus it's what I love to do! But my plane leaves at 6 AM, that I'm not so happy about.

Hopefully this will also be a time I can get some feedback on my latest project, Foto-F-ex!. This is a set of Photoshop scripts to help photographers speed up their workflow. It has been an immense help in speeding up my workflow and hopefully being around so many world renowned photographers will give me chance to get some additional feedback.

My wife and I will also be going to Disney World for a week. Which I am very excited about because I have NEVER been to Disney! It will also give us some much needed quality time. With all the projects we have going right now a break sounds very nice.

I'm going to attempt to blog while at the workshop and Disney so check back!


Anonymous said...

Have fun at Disney! Remember to let your inner child out!

Christine said...

I seriously want to try out Foto-f-ex someday. It definitely looked amazing from what you showed me, and I can't wait to see more!