Thursday, June 4, 2009

Slowly she tiptoes behind her soon to be husband. He hears her footsteps grow louder. They both breath deep as she taps him on the shoulder. He turns, her eyes light up, and tears of joy stream down his face. This is why we do this.

Lindsay and Ryan's 'first look' set the mood for the entire day. It was a day filled with love and laughter. As a photographer I love nothing more than when you can go to an event and feel welcomed as a friend. Awesome couple, awesome bridal party, great family...enough said.



Ben and Audrey said...

these pictures are incredible!! i love every single one of them!! great job!!!

M. Weaver said... both are AMAZZZZING!!!! Every picture is wonderful. Thank you for capturing all of the emotion and joy of that day! You are wonderful.....enough said!

marion said... both are AMMAAAZZZING!! Thank you for capturing the emotions and joy of that day! Every single picture is wonderful. You both are just incredible!........enough said.