Saturday, May 16, 2009

These two are my type of people. Good lookin, but can still goof; a photographers dream.

Jackson suprised Lindsay with a photoshoot after his recent proposal. Apparently Lindsay is quite the bloodhound for sniffing out these sort of things. So Jackson was forced to take desperate measurses to keep the proposal on the low low until the big moment. I pleaded with him to let me shoot the actually proposal. I made my case of being stealthy and possesing mad ninja skills, he saw through me.

So I crouched down in a broom closet of the hotel waiting to jump out and catch that "just engaged, deer in headlights, did that just happened, oh my gosh I just got engaged" look. Jackson - in hind sight we really should have gotten code names. I would have been "COBRA" or "Steve".


Jackson said...

I always go by the name "Voo Doo" in these ninja type situations!

Lindsay said...

Adam & Allison,
Thanks so much!! Our pictures look GREAT -- I can't wait to take more pictures in July :)