Saturday, September 29, 2007

WOW! Michelle and Jeff really hit it out of the park! I really loved her dress, just amazing. She obviously has been watching ANTM cause she was vogue'n it up all day. It's shoots like today that really make me enjoy this! You will have to excuse my extraneous use of exclamation but its well suited for my mood about this shoot.

One of the things I really love about this shoot is the wide range of the images. We started early in the morning before 8am (the only thing I did not like about this shoot), getting some amazing morning light. As the morning progressed so did the content of the images. I love being able to see such variety from a shoot.

Thanks to Michelle and Jeff for being great, we really enjoyed it! A special thanks goes out to my wife Allison for finding a great location.


sticky said...

Hey Adam and Allison, I hope that you two are well. Your work is great! Keep it up!!!

Michelle McDaniel said...

Well Adam & Allison, Jeff & I had so much fun doing TTD! The pics are great. I love the ones with the soot on my face! I can't wait to do the others that we talked about! TTD is such a great idea and y'all made it so fun! I will work on my serious face without looking mad! lol! Thanks!!!!!!!!

Tiffany said...

I love the TTD idea. I am a "wanna be" photographer and just love new ideas. I saw the article in the paper today and saw your photo-great work!