Friday, November 6, 2009

We generally like to have an in person consultation (or phone conversation) prior to shooting couples. We really feel strongly that one of the biggest factors in choosing your photographer is how well you "click" and how well your personalities mesh. Seeing as Michelle was neck deep in her 3rd year of law school and will be taking the bar the week before the wedding she wanted to get everything together ASAP. They came to us on referral from Shanna Lumpkin, who has been great about referring clients that really get us and our style. So we broke our rule on consolation first and took Shanna's recommendation. She was dead on, fun couple with a trendy mindset.


Ali Brown said...

I really really really really really (I think I'm starting to make myself clear) LOVE the post processing on this session! The session all together is flippin' rad!!!! Go on with yer bad self :)

jasoncohen said...

That last almost kissing shot is HAWT!