Wednesday, October 7, 2009

You may remember Cori and Mark from there fan-freakin-tastic engagement session last year. Being the uber amazing green geek she is Cori, decided to do an "eco-friendly" wedding. She opted to stay local, use bio degradable, and generally take a crafty approach to everything. Oh and there was a smart car. While it actually had ample leg room it simply was not big enough to contain Cori and Mark's personalities.

Word of wisdom to future clients: you can throw money at a wedding and see what sticks OR do what these guys did and poor your heart and soul into a wedding. The latter ALWAYS makes for better pictures and a more memorable day.

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Rachael said...

addddammmm and allllllisoooon.
this wedding was really pretty. her dress was amazing looking. i wish i could see it in real life. i am dying to see our pictures, though. dying, i tell you! jeremy is also dying. don't let us perish because then you guys would have a guilty conscience and no one wants that.