Friday, September 4, 2009

We clicked with Jeremy and Rachael from the second we met them. Aside from having a lot of things in common, they are just fun, creative, and quirky. I recently had another aspiring photographer ask me how we make our subjects personality come out in an be honest I can't take credit for it. Shoots like these happen when you have an amazing couple and a great rapport without the camera.

Jeremy and Rachael will be getting married next month and doing something I think is just amazing and original during their wedding ceremony. So original in fact we have a videographer that will be interviewing the couple and filming the event. Without giving away to many details, they have found a way to incorporate a hobby of theirs into the ceremony. Something that I think really showcases how insanely creative and original this couple is.


Brandi said...

They are hot AND cute and geeky, but in that adorable way. Love these.

Anonymous said...

wow...I am a lurker on this page and always love seeing the work you have done, but this shoot was AMAZING. I saw stuff I have never seen done before. Well Done!

Anonymous said...

thanks for all you did during the ceremony and reception! you and allison and chris were a lot of fun to have around!!!
rachael's mom