Thursday, October 23, 2008

Senior portraits are always fun when you have someone as eager as Allison to work with. She likes to read and is very studious so we took some cute shots under the tree with her massive pile of text books. If I had to carry her backpack everyday, I would be in great shape! Not only is she "book smart", but Allison is also a beautiful person inside and out which shown through in her pictures.


V. Gore said...

Photography is supposed to capture the person or event which you are shooting: you have done this with my three daughters in differing lifetime milestones. Thank you for your professionalism, creativity, and easy spirit in which you work. You certainly have a gift. May you and Ally continue to enjoy something which brings joy and memories to others!

Brandi said...

These are amazing. You captured a beautiful girl in a natural, age appropriate way that really highlights her!