Monday, June 23, 2008

Brittany was an absolute pleasure to work with! When she first arrived, she said she was nervous, but she had no reason be because she was a natural! She was a complete trooper too! We shot in the heat of the day in a corn field for some and she even rocked those! The abandoned, rusty old truck ended up being a great backdrop.


Jim L. said...

Beautiful girl and great shots! Looks like you captured the model in her! Love the last one on the truck! Good stuff Adam!

Anonymous said...

The nervousness does not show. She looks like a professional model. Great shots. The old truck was great and the sky was beauitful.

DakotaBlake said...

brittany looks so pretty!
i love the old truck she stood on!
hopefully she didn't have as much trouble climbling up as i did :)