Thursday, May 15, 2008

Check out those cakes from The Cake Diva! This definitely set the bar high for cake of the year! The grooms cake was of course a Corvette, and car cakes are always cool! I really liked the brides cake because it had several textures and different shapes. While there were many intricate details and some snazzy pipping work, it was still simple and chic. I guess I just a thing for of my favorite shows is Ace of Cakes. The only thing missing was some kind of pyrotechnics in the grooms cake ;).

I just started a post with the cakes first...yeah that just happened. I knew the cakes were going to rock because the bride and groom told me that the two things on the top of their priority list where the cakes and the photography. So Luke and Andrea, its your fault I talked about the cakes first ;).

Luke and Andrea looked snazzy and stunning! I felt bad for Andrea when she told us that her hair dresser had stood her up, but she took the day in stride and someone (not sure who, a friend I think) stepped in and did an amazing job on her hair. Thanks, Mrs Day Saver-Hair-Fixeruper-Lady, you did an amazing job!

It warms my heart to see two people really in love and Luke and Andrea are no exception. They have fun together and their love really shows. Yes, Luke did sing to her during the wedding! It was a truly touching song he wrote. He had to sing it to her several times before the wedding in hopes that she wouldn't cry, I don't think it worked :).

Guys have an amazing time in Mexico!

UPDATE: Check out Andrea and Lukes Slideshow


Luke and Andrea said...

Adam and Allison, what can we say?!? You two are amazing!! You have far exceeded every expectation we could ever have had for our wedding pics! Your style is cutting edge! You're going to be famous one day, and i'm proud we're able to say that you shot us. Thank you both so much for all you have done for us and the AMAZING job you did. You have a great passion for photography and it shows in every picture. Thank you for sharing that passion with us, we're honored!

willj said...

great images Adam

love where you're going with your work. funny how big that chirch is, huh? ! A chapel AND a sanctuary -- HUGE !


mark said...

Dude, I'm picking my jaw off the floor. WOW!