Wednesday, March 19, 2008

These guys rocked it! Luke and Andrea will be getting married May 10th and we just can't wait. A photogenic, laid-back couple that puts photography at the top of their priority list...a photographer can't ask for anything more.


Dennis Bullock said...

Good stuff Adam.....I really like the very first shot!

mark eric said...

that last shot should be in a J Crew ad or something- your work gets more amazing every time I check it out. Great couple!

It was great to see you again today, thanks for all you've done for us :).

Tell Allison we miss her, we need to get together soon :)

Joshua said...

LUKE!!! Great Pictures man. I was looking at my sis's pics at the top of the page and saw yours below. (Rebecca and Clint) Congratulations man! Jacob told me about everything. Take care of yourself and that beautiful woman on your arm! Josh Wilson