Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Saturday we made a trip to Starkville to meet with an AMAZING bride, Whitney! We can not wait for her wedding... it's going to be a BLAST! We would also like to say thanks to her mother and sister for teaching us a little bit about the bride's spunky personality!

On the way home I saw this road. It is one of those simple scenes that I really love.

Allison saw me editing the file and had to comment on the fact that I filled in some trees and removed a light pole. We playfully bickered a bit about the use and over use of photoshop. This is a good example of my philosophy on using photoshop.

When I edit an image I am not editing for what was there, but what I SAW. The reality of a scene and what my mind's eye shows me are two different things. Some of this is seeing what it could be and some is my mind removing the clutter. This particular scene, I saw as simple and clean. I think I achieved that.

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